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Pushed to the limit
Dec, 14, 2018

The Prelude!

Stress is a very big topic and not to be excluded if it concerns itself in the eSport against the best to measure! The high strain on the brain and the constant pressure to cause as few mistakes as possible can be very exhausting for the brain after long hours of competition! Stress is just one of the many causes that lead to failure and adversely affect our health. In addition, it comes to the fact that we all sitting a very long time in our chairs by the day which is not preventable in the eSport scene and endangers our health! Muscles and posture suffer from constant sitting on the chair. The muscles the body doesn't need are going to be diminished. Here are some consequences for those who sit a lot and do not compensate: In the long run, the leg muscles and back muscles atrophy. But not only that, those who sit often, strains however also his leg veins! Because when we sit, the blood sacks more easily in the legs and strains the vessels. Quiet sitting phases lasting more than four hours, such as on a plane journey, can even lead to clot formation and thrombosis. But in this article, we want to deal with the topic of stress for the time being.


The party is over!

But to fight stress, we should first know what stress is! In stressful situations, hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol are increasingly produced in the body, causing blood pressure to rise and the body switches to alert. Especially accumulated stress/frustration can cause illness in the long run! Stress can affect you physically, mentally and emotionally. Most of the time it results in you unintentionally leaving out your anger on your fellow players and the equipment, or even taking it to bed at the end of the day! Our ancestors were able to run away quickly or fight. That is why we should still react to stress with movement today. The condition of our players is very important to us, that's why we started our project "FLG Health".


What do we want to achieve with FLG Health?

Some people still pay little or no attention to their health. FLG Health is intended to support and promote the health of players and managers in eSports. It's a way for players and managers to be painless and stress-free while playing and working. And thus to promote productivity in general. FLG Health is of course first and foremost for our players and managers. Later our project will also take care of interested players and managers from the community! We want to help you with the best possible methods at our disposal. Money should not play a role here, because health is the most important thing that should be promoted! FLG Health is a project that affects everyone not only our organization! We want to try different methods to strengthen the health of the people because this is often forgotten in eSports. These methods include, for example:

  • - Healthy nutrition
  • - Body stability exercises for the contribution of body posture
  • - Stress reduction for example with a stress ball
  • - Influence of external influences
  • - and many more


For example our stress ball!

Yes, exactly a ball! Because with the start of our project we, first of all, want to test how the stress ball affects our players. The stress ball, or as we call it the "rage Ball", is already used by many professionals. So why not use it where an enormous stress and a high load will be produced? In stressful situations, the ball is kneaded, squeezed and thrown until thought blocks disappear, our concentration improves and tensions ease. Stress is in principle nothing but accumulated energy, which must be released! Our "rage ball", which is worked on with full power is, therefore, a good alternative for our eSportsmen. Several studies on stress reduction have proven the positive effect of anti-stress balls on the body. The stress ball will be just one of many options that we which to offer to our players and maybe to our community in the future!

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