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Streaming addition
Jan, 19, 2019

From the very beginning, we at Flawless Gaming knew that streaming was an important part of eSport organizations. Streaming is all about interacting with your audience, you don't have to play on the side. We want to help our streamers to develop and to discover their way.

Currently a streamer under Flawless Gaming:

- Julius „ohEvoh“ R. (

- Marc „Mvrcc“ J. (

- Lorenz „Dryden“ H. (

- Marcel „ClownTV“ H. (

- Patrick „Madrox“ E. (

- Fabian “Fabusel” R. (

We sat down with Fabian "Fabusel" R. who recently joined the #FlawlessFamily and did a little interview.

FLG: "Hello Fabu, we are happy that you agreed to do this and of course that you took the time to do the interview with us.

FLG: "Today we want to ask you a few questions about your hobby, streaming, to give the readers a little insight into the streaming personality "Fabusel". Well, we can see that you stream on Twitch mainly while playing. What originally got you to play?"

Fabusel: "I often played on my friend's consoles back in the days when I was younger. Many friends of mine got a PlayStation 1 at the age of 6 to 7 for Christmas, or for their birthday. Similar to me. I still remember that my first game was a soccer game with Stefan Effenberg on the cover. Which one exactly I don't know. That's when it started. At some point, I switched to the computer, as most of the secondary schools had all bought a computer. It didn't take long and we also had our own LAN parties. So I discovered YouTube and later, of course, Twitch and Hitbox."

FLG: "And while playing games, there was a day you thought: "Hey Fabu why don't you stream while you play" or how exactly did you find your way to the streaming platform Twitch?"

Fabusel: "I didn't land right on Twitch. As already mentioned it all started with Hitbox. If you've been on YouTube like that, you've often seen Content Creator making a video in which they'd say: "Hey, I'm live on Hitbox now. Come and have a look!" At that time I had played a lot of H1Z1 with my colleague Chimpanzee. Unfortunately, my PC was too bad for streaming, because the attraction had packed me for streaming. I just thought it was cool to stream while you're playing and have people interacting with you. I then wished the Elgato for Christmas and through YouTube videos, I gained my own knowledge on how to set it up. I was then 1 year"active as a streamer on the platform Hitbox. It turned out that from an economic point of view Hitbox will unfortunately not be successful in the long run. This, in turn, caused the streamers to switch to Twitch, which I also did." 

FLG: "You also spent a long time in the competitive area in Call of Duty. What made you decide to focus completely on casting and streaming this year?"

Fabusel: "The focus last year, when I competed, was also on streaming, because it was always a companion and part of the matches. I just enjoy interacting with people and entertaining them. Recently came the tweet of the DOSB, the eSport will not become a sport in Germany, at least in the near future and these are all just movement reasons competing will be no longer the main component to see, because it simply brings you nothing. You just don't get any state funding. As long as this is not given, every player and organization comes to its limits at some point because it can no longer keep up with the American or English scene. In addition, my studies are slowly becoming more strenuous and I have to devote my time more to them. Of course, I'll play just for fun on the side but mainly I'll focus more on streaming and casting. Nevertheless, eSport will remain my passion. Casting is just my chance to connect streaming with eSport by casting the people's match and interacting with the spectators and seeing the emotions of the spectators in the chat."

FLG: "You have 901 followers according to the current status. Not long and the 1,000 is certainly full. What were the most important experiences you gained during your streaming time so far and which of them can you possibly give to one or the other reader if he wants to start streaming?"

Fabusel: "Sorry for the expression but: Be your f**king self. Honestly, do your thing! Stream what you want and have fun on, because if you do that your audience will also notice your good vibes! Clearly, the number of viewers will be low at the beginning, but that's okay. You have to give people time to get to know you. I just think that's a give and take. If the stream notices that you are in a good mood, it will be more likely to respond to you and to meet you in a good mood."


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